• inspirationtetah 10w

    To Ladies

    Girl what's keeping you busy now? Is it God, work or boys? I don't know what's keeping you busy but I hope what's taking your time is worth your time!! Cause I have learnt what you choose to spend your time with it either benefits your life or destroys your life! God is the way your should always remember that, don't let that boy destroy your life just because he is making you happy right now and in the future he becomes the reason to your sorrows, if he can't promise you a tomorrow why are you even wasting your precious time cause girl you deserve better, you deserve a future and happiness, don't live with them because you don't wanna hurt them and yet you you know your hurting yourself?? Stop that cause you too you deserve the best God didn't die for you so you can come and get hurt for others instead you should live your life to worship and praise God for he is the one who gave up everything for you! And about a guy God will give you someone trust him cause he wants you to be happy!!