• rupaliwrites 5w

    As I gather the fragments of broken glass...

    As I gather the fragments of broken glass, I realize that, the broken bits are sharp and can hurt. Similarly, when something, within us ,is broken, it's fragments are scattered and they scamper for shelter and settlement, somewhere. When the heart is broken, it wails in pain and searches for solace in some activity! When the dreams are broken, the mind is distressed. The broken parts of dream seem so irrelevant, incomplete, incomprehensible!
    We have to be careful ,in picking up the shards, just a minor overlooking... oops! it pricks and cuts the hands!
    In the same way, we have to handle a heart break ,with care, support. It needs time to heal.
    Handle every broken event of your life with care , calmness and allow time and positivity to heal any shattered heart or bruised mind.
    - Rupali Gore Lale
    June 1, 2020