• filipp 10w

    Fear To Freedom

    Miasmic darkness blankets the forest
    While the moon is hidden by cloud
    The pounding fiend's footstep chorus
    Sends a warning to the party as
    Dead leaves and twigs alike cry out

    Searing flames blaze wood and wild
    Light far beyond the campground edge
    Men ring around this fiery pile
    And bear their hands to heart in pledge

    "We'll end Dautei in coldest blood
    And see his head adorned on pike;
    We'll bury his corpse in shallow mud
    After we slay this Fiend of Night!"

    Hands came down to blade in vow
    Gripping hilts with armored bracers
    As all around they heard the sound
    And in the woods witnessed the tracers
    Of golden eyes and teeth like razors

    They tightened up and formed a shell
    Back to back to fire and light
    Shouting, releasing one defeaning yell
    Flexing the strength of men with might
    To the shrouded face of the fiend from hell