• karmavaahini 23w

    Mephistophelian Empire

    In the realm of burning desires and shattered conscience
    How contented is the world of reveries?
    Is the dream world profound and pleasant?
    Or does the poignancy of it give you shiver?

    I witnessed the generations of earthly shadows destroyed,
    And How I mourned the world and its shallow kindness
    Crippled by the masquerade of lies,
    Should I drift into abyss gently
    Or Should I Pay attention to the reveries?

    In this theatrical world
    How does one seek actuality?
    Clouded judgements, false narratives
    Just like an orthodox wolf, is the Benthamite
    Should I fade into the space of bleakness and chaos?
    Or Should I follow the path where sun is bright?

    It does strike, it does conquer
    Should it also annex?
    How blessed is the Mephistophelian Empire?
    Now diabolical is just the thing,
    To get me wondering if the Empire is Unholy?