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    According to google confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. But as in general we almost always correlate confidence with self confidence rather than in someone else.

    Let’s understand by taking examples bit by bit.

    You go to a showroom and buy a sony bravia smart TV. You are confident in your choice. Why ? Because of past record of the legacy the company carries with the product design and service.

    You give a work to your best friend and are confident that he/she will do it perfectly or up to your expectations. Why ? Because based on past instances or your relationship bond you have faith in your friend.

    And there are many more examples from real life where we can define confidence. But some people always say that we lack confidence. What do we mean by lack ? Do we have less confidence or we don’t have confidence at all. Is having more confidence a boon or a bane ? Just pause for a minute and think about it.

    Let me try to explain with help of an example.

    Suppose you want to drive a car and you sit in your friend’s car. Now, suppose that you know from observation that there is an accelerator , clutch , brake and gear. These are the only basic things you need to know to drive a car right ? Now you know what each of them do. But can you drive ? Probably not. You might have confidence that yeah I can, but that is over confidence. Look at your friend’s face. He is terrified that his car might get scratches or dent. Now suppose you have learnt to drive a car from a driving school. It has been only a month, you have driven a car only in open ground but not on road. Now you will have some confidence that you can drive but still as a newbie your hands will still shake. Now let,you are driving a car for a year. You will be confident that Yes I can. Why ? Because you have experience. Whatever mistakes or experiments you had to do , you have done in the past year. Whether good or bad, whether to drive on a highway or in a crowded street. You have experienced it, then you are very confident to handle your friend’s car.

    Now let’s take another example. Suppose you are asked to give a speech on Berkeley Mystery Walls. Will you be able to speak ? Probably not because you know nothing of it. What will be your confidence level ? Zero, right ? Now suppose you are supposed to speak in the Himalayas. Will you be able to speak ? Yes , not much maybe, but fairly good than Mystery Walls. Now if someone asks you to share your experience of school life. What will be the level of your confidence ? Very High ! Right ? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s further unveil.

    Now suppose you want to take a decision in your life be it your career or any such big decision. But you aren’t confident about whether to pursue bcom or CA. Why ? Because you lack proper knowledge and understanding about your own abilities and about the subject matter. You don’t know what you will be taught in bcom or what you will have to do if you become CA.

    So where does lack of confidence come from ? According to me, there are basically only three reasons for lack of confidence.

    First you don’t have a clear understanding of the situation. Like in the car driving case, as long as you don’t know how to drive a car, you will be lacking confidence. That is good for you otherwise you will end up in a car accident.

    Second, lack of experience. You have learnt to drive a car, but you never drove it afterward, you will always lack confidence until unless you drive on the road.

    Thirdly, it’s what people will think. This is relatable to all of you. In school , let say in assembly time you are supposed to talk about something on the stage. You will be preoccupied by the thoughts. What will people think. How do I look. What will they do. They will laugh at me. In short anxiety. It gives birth to low confidence or it just burns your confidence. Secondly it’s lack of knowledge or understanding. If you are asked to speak on something you don;t know about you will lack confidence for sure, there is no doubt. On the other hand, if the topic is familiar to you, you might still be afraid to speak in front of a large audience, that is lack of experience to face a large crowd.

    So, how to overcome lack of confidence. You can yourself interpret it. Right ? So let’s talk about them.

    One, have knowledge. If you lack knowledge, you will always be on the lacking side of confidence. You can never speak of the budget of this financial year unless you read about it. You can never become confident about pursuing statistics if you don’t know its future scope.

    Secondly, have experience. If you will not do a thing practically you will never learn about it be it speaking in a public gathering or driving a car or even taking your own decisions. If all your life decisions have been taken by someone else on your behalf then you will never learn to take decisions and that anxiety and low confidence will always haunt you.

    Thankyou for reading.

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