• johnnderitu 10w

    Inside me

    Trashes to trashes
    I will be a fool living dashes
    But now that am out of clutches
    I need to talk about the flashes
    The pain is living me in bruse and rushees

    Am bleeding from inside
    The pain is much reflected on character outside
    The demons inside are stripping me naked
    Am just a begger in need
    It's killing my soul freezing my spirit blood
    Am just taken to be alive but am just dead
    Am just a begger in need and am scared

    Am in cold ice ,blows to provoke me
    Danger is on the way am just close to explode
    Am just miles away not to spread it to you
    My demons are not stronger than me
    It's like halloween to me
    Just let me be me ,am tired of being controlled
    That's what I say to you,me

    ...by John Nderitu