• qawi_khan 4w

    Slaves Branded by Sun

    Oh it was daunting fierce day the blazing sun
    Was not happy apparantly baked many buns
    A land ahead my face demanded destruction
    Of those old bricks standing weak in arson
    Two men with wet souls took the job in greet
    For me it was sweat but cool for them in heat
    Season dry was dreadful no man getting paid
    Perform any risk for living was no man afraid
    Burning their skin the men wore nothing back
    Murmuring tones were alien to me like Slovak
    The sound it hit the bricks captured my drums
    More flamboyant my eyes got still for thrums
    Not any lame excuses for break they asked
    Not any pathetic sympathy they got facade
    The sole solemn was the pure rill they drank
    As like as ambrosia which pour a thirsty tank
    It was leather on the skin nurtured due to the
    Branding on the whole body done by the sun
    It was not one day the slaves put body to burn
    This was the proof of slavery they had done
    No mercy was bestowed upon those blokes
    For no sake the Red God raised the convoke
    Of the feared ear melting winds which haunts
    The weak pups inside dwellings who abscond
    But for those tough iron fists all it was worth
    To finally get their living getting out of dearth
    Now I felt the warmth of the day and decided
    To leave the scene there closing my eyes
    But the labour still continued working besides