• tales_down_the_road 5w

    I was drowning

    I would hide my feelings,
    Misjudge other's emotions,
    Awkward in social interactions.
    But please..
    Don't judge me
    Coz I wasn't born this way.
    I was drowning.
    yes I was.
    Hoping that I would swim oneday.
    Could not talk to my friends,
    Not even to my family,
    For it was still
    Considered a zilch.
    Express myself....
    I wasn't fucking able to.... remember?
    Frustrated with my life
    Was left with bane spirit.
    I was drowning.
    Yes I was.
    Hoping that I would swim oneday.
    Then came a change
    That saved my life.
    My escape....
    My stand-in...to express myself.
    Still fighting all the odds
    Trying to resolve my issues.
    But I know.
    I am not drowning.
    No I am not.
    I AM swimming.