• sheikh_huzaifa 6w

    Sun and Moon Light

    Taking Sun and Moon,
    They both gives us light
    but at a particular time,
    Sun which gives us light whole the day,
    And Moon which gives us light
    whole the night
    They are showing their love. They come at a time, when we need them. They didn't came together to disturb each other or feel jealousy of each other. When,we need Sun for the light of day, it comes out.. And when, we need Moon for the light of night, it comes out...... From this, I want to show that making love between each other is much better than jealousy between each other.. They gives us light, whole the day and whole the night without money,etc. But, i can't see anybody in this World, like Sun and Moon. In this, World you can't buy anything without money.
    But, they are the gifts from Allah... Thanks! Allah for everything... Thankss...