• lowqee 22w

    lIFE And Death

    life and death are parallel in theory crosing only when the feeling becomes eerie but ony then do we truly know ourselves and the lives we created withinin our own hells from where we go the pain can be overwhelming forcing us into isolation within our own dwelling pushing and pulling like a stormy sea relateable in the form of only misery we try to trudge on but through it we fall like a baby evolving, evolving from crawl through this pain, yes we will grow and only in this moment do we learn what our creator was trying to show for what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger fighting these lingering feelings seems so much longer only because its drawn out in a tortous manner driving the anguish making you sadder the wonderland maddening understanding the hatter trying to climb through this hardship as if it were a latter right left right knowing nothing more than what you have in your sight no hope for tommorow feeling nothing but sorrow pain constantly fading with a momentum building and gaining toward an inertia not heard of this transfer like cancer from soul to where we still not know and still were stripped bare yet we hope only to grow while tribulation can raise riots within, like vegan to cannibal diets of pure sin we see that it causes no ascertainment of negative arraignment still emotions overflowing with no sign of containment and in this final moment when we realize the inevitable truth a moment of peace surging on through feeling release from this burdening existence and an end to it all no need for persistence oh how i hunger for this one point in time no need for it all just this one line because ascencion from here means only my home and no longer alone forced into roam my father who art in heaven halowed be thy name feels all of it too all of this pain as does he for you its part of the game some would love to harass me and call me insane only because they lack understanding deep in their brain neverthless I will not alter now for the finish is close and my father is proud I feel his smile from cheek to cheek beaming down on me as if it could leak but only because of his love do i truly understand that i am a man just a part of a plan if ever I grow to be as he only then will i ever truly see because now we are all blind incudig myself clouded and murky no real spiritual health like father to son he has so much to teach me I hope only to stay holy so that he may reach me and through all of my hardship i know I wil manage because for some divine reason he gave me advantage I love you my Father and Brother lord Jesus i hope that my devotion and work honestly pleases.