• delling 6w

    the shadow, the flash, the film reeling back, a developed age, a tourniquet for the enraged sun of man, the long lost plan, her boots, her hiked skirt, the flesh between the two, the passion that ensues, the metal, the leather, the rubber, the pistons slapping stars out the sky, nigh is the morning after, the next disaster, the purple velvet of the fainting couch, a third party wrap around, the maiden & the grouch hashing over what it was all about, the dark chamber the imprisons the souls of forgotten clouds that dissipated just to let go, monsoon in animo, a bastion on each side deriding spears and stones, light obscura, color spectrum, shutter closing down in every direction, time truncated, feeling jaded, seeking closure, cynosure cynosure

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    Over Exposure