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    Btw yellow school bus" is a drug like Xanax that can make u forget stuff when u take it #Drugs #forget

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    Yellow School Bus Road Trip

    Walking in a tight rope
    Eyes closed
    Suicide note
    Heart broke
    Lost hope
    D-d-d-d-die slow
    Might blow
    Slice throat
    In high speed
    No GEICO
    In high speed
    No GEICO

    Long list
    Of regrets And broken promises
    Omens Ominous
    Tryna put me up on god list
    I'm flawless I'm flawless
    I'm flawless when it comes to all the wrong shit
    But regardless
    All These white lies can't cover up how black my heart is

    Oh is
    Back to digging up my own ditch
    Sure is
    Getting old quick
    White flag and I just might forfeit

    Cause it's more easy to remember
    than it is to fuckin forget
    & It's more hard to be remember
    than it is for them to forget
    So to January to December
    Its the Yellow school bus road trip
    Yea to January to December
    It's the yellow school bus road trip