• varshapriyadarshni 9w

    I live in a society where my existence is judged..
    I can't wear what I want , without ifs and buts !
    Where women are burden and men can't cry...
    Patriarchy still exist, Nepotism undoubtedly fly high..
    A country where giving birth to a girl is a sin..
    Humanity caged in dark dungeons where no one had ever been..
    Where we divided our creator and fight taking his name..
    Where religion is being sold without any shame!
    I live in a society where my sexuality is questioned ..
    If I don't follow the norm, my individuality is threatened..
    A place where fear of getting raped constantly troubles the mind..
    You can bleed to death ,when the society goes blind..
    Our acts of unkindness when innocent wildlife is sacrificed...
    A society where Cruelty always plays it's dice...
    Still everyday I wake up with a hope of better tomorrow....
    Where kindness and compassion will replace suffering and sorrow ..
    Transformation of thoughts will make this place worth living life...
    A world which will heal itself after every strife..