• nyambo 6w

    Maybe the chance to get one more is a lot in vain��

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    Buenos días, Senõrita

    'Are you okay?' My heart phones!
    Did u wake up
    Early in the morning
    Got to see the letter in your drawer?
    Promise me, you wrapped it up,
    Tell me
    Your sentiments
    Flooded out
    While reading it....
    Baby, behind the wardrobe
    I was there taken a cover
    Last night, I switched off
    Your lamppost,
    Little sicky lover...,
    You didn't notice anything
    I fanned your swollen
    babylicious legs,
    I massaged the back,
    The trunk, the limb,
    Smoothen the cheeks...
    and kissed in the middle of
    your royal forehead
    Yes tonight I rowed
    with your fatigue...
    Little sicky love....,
    I know u gonna slip this away