• slothcookie 36w

    For the woman who gave birth to me.


    13th May 2018 marks the date for the annual Mother's Day where we celebrate women who so bravely went through the pain of labour to give birth to their child and for the woman who took you in her arms and promised to look after you.

    As your daughter, there isn't really much I can do for you to show you how much I love you. I can only tell you how much I love and appreciate everything that you have done, sacrificed and lost for me.

    I thank you for you courage. I thank you for your heart. I thank you for being there for me when no one else would.
    Most importantly, I thank you for always loving me despite my flaws and insecurities. Please remember that it is okay to not be strong all the time. I will try my best to give you support as long as I shall live.

    I love you very much mother. Happy Mother's Day! ❤