• zackstreak 30w

    This in context with imagination of "Water Banks" in future, where water gonna be more valuable than anything else.

    Here I am in my old age contemplating about the water.

    #savewater #savelife #wisdom #happiness

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    Water Bank

    As I try to walk across the street,
    With my stick & sounds of watch tick...
    Feeling the tiredness in my arm,
    Blood running in veins nice & warm...

    Memories of the past cross my mind,
    Reason for wasting water, I couldn't find...
    Running tap while brushing teeth,
    Long showers, water flowing beneath...

    Trees I cut, Making my house shine,
    Big barrels without water instead wine..
    Dancing in the rain and later cup of hot tea,
    Water gushing on streets, like waves of sea..

    As I stand in front of the Water Bank,
    Ashamed & sad for being a foolish grandad.
    If I could have saved water for the next generations ,
    There would be no war, deaths and cries of sensations....