• write_express8 10w

    Being Grateful Is The Ultimate Joy

    Honestly even i fall under the category of people who takes everything for granted in life. Every morning when we unfold our eyes we receive the pleasure of perceiving the sight. Next we get off the bed and walk wherever we like. Yet again when sombody murmurs we can listen to that too.

    Today, i have realized there are innumerable people are struggling for those things which we donot have idea about. The ones who have unfortunately lost their sight are always keenly to learn how the nature looks, how the different colors are worn up by the sky, trees, water and many more. The dusk and dawn , beautiful twilight, glittering stars and every little thing.

    One who is abstained from hearing always conjectures how do the other person sounds ? They failed to enjoy the chirping of birds, babbling sound of their child, gurgling streams. They just watch those moving lips and assume words.

    We must learn to be grateful for wat we are , how we stay . Sombody somwhere is always praying for the life we live now. And yet again we have a que of complaints about our lives. We should cherish every little chance we receive. The gleam and darkness, loud or soft, far or near, smooth or rough. We need to be thankful about what we own .