• shuvra 6w

    Absurd love

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    The Crow


    LOVE, 'Absurd', since Samuel Beckett,

    You never know, you never feel, and then a pang,

    A beautiful landscape, green, crimson sky, picture perfect,

    Cloud doodling, soft breeze, a gentle smile appears.

    Your mirror becomes your Friend, you applaud at your win

    You smile at your stupidity, but you start loving yourself.


    Then, suddenly, just like absurdity, a black cloud appear

    Gentle breeze become harsh, one crow appears right behind you

    Calling, disturbing you

    You stand

    Still, a haunting image appears, no more landscape.

    But you still live, because that’s what absurdity is!!

    That crow gulps you everyday, you let it


    There’s always a RAINBOW after a RAIN

    I was SOMEONE, and I can’t never be the SAME