• liam1227 21w


    Today my soul was shattered,
    The pieces are all around.
    My heart yet again battered,
    No life in it to be found.
    My demons are all quiet,
    They won't say a single word.
    They're afraid to start the riot,
    Which seems to be absurd.
    But they know the true me,
    The one few have ever met.
    And they know how bad it can be,
    And how dark I can really get.
    For that know that they require,
    My body and my mind.
    And when things get dire,
    All the trouble I can find.
    So out of fear that I may go,
    And end their very being,
    I cant be hurt though,
    Worse than what they're seeing.
    So rather than push their host,
    Past his breaking point.
    They'll sit and laugh the most,
    And see if I pass the checkpoint.
    For of I can't make it past,
    And the end is finally here.
    Just know that I have had a blast,
    Knowing you these last few years.