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    Inspired from "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold ❤
    A must read ��

    And please don't compare my poem with his. He writes of a different level altogether ❤

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    Life a drudgery

    Sitting beside the moonlit shore,
    As I saw the surges swell and roar,
    The monotonous drudgery of the sea,
    Mirrored my heart's melancholy.

    The lightening clouds roared high,
    Depicting the fury of the sky,
    The sky that looks so charred,
    An image of the abyss of my heart.

    A place once known for its serenity,
    Now lost all it's tranquillity,
    This downpour hides my vulnerable state,
    But ignites the fire burning inside my chest.

    Life seemed to an illusion, a faraway dream,
    As I choke on my muffled sobs and agonised screams,
    The life that has once been a beautiful fantasy,
    Is now desperate for one moment of ecstacy.