• the_fantasizer 5w


    I'm stuck on a hill
    With two choices
    Climbing a mountain
    With two ways out.

    Both can change my life forever
    Both can make me different
    One I change myself
    Two be who I am.

    Which do I choose
    They say I'm pretty
    They say I don't need makeup
    But I believe there wrong
    I believe different.

    What do I choose
    Do I accept who I'm supposed be
    Or do I choose to be the person
    Who fits in.

    Yes, I'm different
    Yes, I know I can change
    But is that truly what I want.

    Is it going to be better
    What do I choose
    Who do I choose to be
    This decides my future.

    Theres no going back
    After I've made my choice
    How do I decide
    Who do I choose to be.