• ramblingbeebee 5w

    Soul's Delight

    On the road I carry you...
    Stopping to see the view... Scanning the skies for direction.  
    High above where the birds spy on the heavens
    You are with me too.
      Down below where the fish and coral play hide and seek...you are with me.
    In strange places I seek a spot
    Guilty if I leave you
    Sad if I don't feel you
    Crying within ...knowing you miss me too
    My love so strong I can't forget you
    Please forgive me... if I spend less time with you
    No excuses though, wherever I am I know you will be with me.
    Protecting and perfecting me as a person.
    In open view or in private
    My Salaah will accompany me...
    I love you
    Bibi.À ®