• elliri 10w

    For my son

    No words can explain, exactly what I think and feel.
    These thoughts and emotions, that I cannot bring to heel.
    Even the way I feel for you, my darling little boy,
    You truly bring tears to my eyes, not of sadness but of joy.

    For never did I realize, what you would mean to me,
    The strength of my love for you, so innocent and free
    You’re my whole world, my sun my moon my stars,
    Your love for mud, for music, for dinosaurs and cars.

    Thus why I am writing this, so that you will know,
    No matter what happens, no matter where you go.
    I love you more than life itself, more than I can write,
    I want the very best for you, my precious shining light.

    We may not always be together, we may be kept apart,
    I may not always be there in form, but ill be forever in your heart.
    I want you to be happy and to keep your cheeky smile,
    To sing and dance and run and play and get messy once in a while.

    All I do, I do for you, my darling boy, my precious son,
    And even when I’m not around, I will forever be your mum.
    I love you more than sunshine, more than even breathing,
    I love you more than life itself, more than anything.

    So stay happy, no matter what you do or where you go,
    For no matter what happens in your life, you will always know.
    That I will always be with you, even when we are apart,
    Maybe not in person, but forever in soul and forever in your heart.