• kustard 10w

    Cide piece

    My Motherland
    A cide piece
    No peace of mind
    My mind racing
    Thinking bout my own safety
    Thinking about the homicide
    The suicide
    The shit just like the genocide
    Neo Nazis come alive
    Don't even realize
    The femicide
    Raping girls
    Mind twirls
    Regicide in the parlaiment
    Honorable members
    Due terrible deaths
    And that's just another day
    50 dead
    In a weekend
    So many lives
    So much dread
    Yet there's no time
    To mourn the dead
    And soon I fear
    We'll all be dead
    The military mow us down
    Like pests with pesticide
    Or some shrub
    With herbicide
    Until there's
    No one left
    To mourn the dead
    No more minds to
    Spin and break