• blue_ice 5w


    One year has passed. Went through a life changing accident, broken bones, broken will and confidence, lost soul, never ending sadness, lost friends. I was trying to get back my life which was locked in a hidden room, God knows where. I was trying to search for myself in a pool of emptiness. But I regained faith which pulled a few positivity in me. Despite all these losses, I'm contended that I'm still walking, both in life and reality.
    I confronted the uncertainty in my life. I realised that I can't keep on being scared of losing even the tiniest thing I care about. Life will go on. And it must. Powered with the battery of positivity, compassion and empathy.
    I seek to stay contended despite all these setbacks. Surrounded by people who preach happiness and positivity. And that's what will fuel me to walk this journey with no regrets.