• teefoma 6w

    Bleeding Pen

    Still bleeding
    My pen can't even write
    It's difficult writing out
    The date...
    Still bleeding yet it finally
    Wrote "20/10/2020"

    We're aren't giving up yet
    Tears like ocean
    Just like every other Tuesday
    Some bid their loved ones
    Farewell without knowing

    Rest In Peace (R.I.P) some say
    But to us left broken, we say
    Return If Possible (R.I.P)
    Still I'm left with a bleeding pen

    Bring back our old days
    Our fathers!
    Less we're left with no future
    Else the land you fought for
    Is taken by another

    O death, where is thy sting?
    O grave, where is the victory?
    How long shall we bow
    Our head in pain
    And say nothing?
    Still My pen bleeds.