• blackwingedpoet 24w


    Now I reached the lands again,
    Still dazzled and confused I was,
    From encounter with that Angel,
    Oh how he had filled my twilight,
    Unable to forget his divinely touch.
    Magical touch had enchanted me,
    Able to recall it from the voyage,
    I stumbled when disembarking,
    Oh it was the first time for me,
    My thoughts would last along.
    After so many days at the sea,
    I planned of bathing properly,
    His illusion tricked me thereto,
    Oh how his traces remained on,
    Facing mirror, I stood perplexed.
    Still unable to accept the reality,
    I longed for that night to repeat,
    Heart beats Angel in each beat,
    Life staged a drama too crazy,
    Unwilling to take the reality.
    My body carries the vestiges,
    I turn crazier with each bath,
    His lips' traces keep appearing,
    Driving me mad is his memory,
    God! Bring him to life once more.