• reshin 10w

    Forty seven

    Today, it seems to Jalal that, he had a great miss in his life, and felt some uneasiness in some part of his heart, he was confused whether its really from his heart but had that pain feeling inside his chest. he knew why he felt so, after talking to Imtiyaz, he felt that he miss her in some part of his life. He never knew why, she had an immense impression on her .maybe that she was a worthy girl he has ever met, n he doesn’t know whether he will have someone worthy like her in his future life it all started from her name!! She got a boyish name....and she was a bit of late to college at the start, and when the tutor calls her attendance, he assumed that it would be a boy ...and he was looking forward to seeing him, as he had a friend having the same name, at his old school.
    And at one fine morning, Jalal heard a present’, for the name, that had been said ‘absent ‘ for past quite days. So Naturally, his head turned around to see, the producer of that noise!!! And he was a bit shocked (don’t know whether this was my emotion, I don’t find any word to describe that emotion).he was astonished to see a gal with no emotion in the face!!!! it looked like everyone was eager to know about her, and when the tutor had asked her to come forward to flat form to introduce herself., Jalal was just watching her closely, thinking, what she is gonna tell!!
    She just said a “good morning”, her name, and she is coming from someplace!!! And she started to smile, and smile and smile, Jalal thought she might be telling more about her, but she didn't, and she stood there for further 3 or 4 mins, and then she moved to her seat.... and for Ron that day seems like its just gone like yesterday..... but its been 4 and half year...... and this was his first seeing of her!!! And he had never thought that day, that she would become his best buddy in his life, who knows what is going to happen in the very next second!!!! Jalal just looked at her name on the screen and just lied in his back.