• sheedy 5w

    As The Days Fade Away

    There are 122 days until I'm 18
    Just 17 weeks until I kiss my childhood goodbye
    Only 3 months until I can freely be me
    I am counting down days
    In 122 days I no longer will be forced to sit in silence as I bite my tongue instead I will stand tall and speak my mind as loudly as I want and I pity the poor fool who dares to try and hush me
    In 17 weeks I can do whatever I want with my body because my body is a blank canvas I can't wait to paint
    In 3 months I will no longer be anyone's problem or headache
    In just 122 days until I am all alone in a that honestly scares me
    In 17 weeks I will longer be able to hide behind my parent's legs for protection
    In 3 months I will be alone with my demons about to fight a battle I'll never actually be ready for
    I may be counting down the days but I'm still completely terrified