• jereme_palos 10w

    The Holy Spirit provided the internal dialogue / the thought process .

    The immortal seed resides within the spirit .

    S p i r i t .

    Heaven or hell .

    During the historical event of eternal judgment ;

    either heaven or hell .

    Either heaven or the lake of fire .

    See the 2 dots over the i 's within the word

    s p i r i t ?

    Heaven or hell .

    The last dot after the word spirit is a period .

    Heaven or hell .

    Heaven with Jesus or hell with the devil .

    The 3 dots / seeds are symbolic of The Father ,

    The Son and The Holy Spirit ?

    The Triune living God either damns a person

    within the lake of fire or provides eternal life .

    A triune , uniform , singular and whole decision .

    The Holy Spirit gifted the thought process .

    Isaiah 55 : 8 - 9 .

    SPIRIT .

    The last dot / period is the triune living God ' s

    seed . ?