• a_raindrop 6w

    Life is for living .
    We laugh, we love, we live our life...

    Wanna know what is happiness and love ? It's both simple and complicated.
    Remember that feeling every time when you come back home and your dog jumps at you and you hug him tight???
    Yes...The warmth, the assurance, the pleasure is what happiness and love is ....
    It makes you happy..
    Gives you a reason to smile and live..
    But it's up to us ... We are the ones who decide if we want to be happy or sad ..
    If someone is hurting you or is the reason of your sadness, then it's simple... Just let that person go.. for both of your happiness...
    And yes ! Letting someone or something go for good is also love !!
    And in the end it indeed makes you happy !!

    Wanna know how I learned to be happy??
    Cuz my bestest friend once taught me,

    " You Are Happiness !
    Look into yourself and find that spark
    And light up a fire and let it burn .. "

    - Curtis Kins


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    Can we just move to the moon..?

    I can't stand this anymore
    Why everyone is so sad ?
    They keep listening to dumb love songs
    which makes them cry more.. like a mad !
    Why they just stick with
    one sad reason and cry a mile ?
    Why can't they see
    million reasons to smile ?!

    I can't see these sad faces anymore
    I want to escape this soon .!
    Hey are you listening ?
    Can we just move to the moon ..??