• dresmith298 46w

    Speak up at keynote

    Can you see me for me

    Or do you only see a black man

    Cause we all just wanna be equal

    I'm starting to wonder what the King saw

    I wonder where we'd be at if he didn't speak up just to get shot down

    Now a days they preaching hate

    I think woke up in a down pour

    The king spoke his dream like the key note

    Now who steps up in my time with history on the line

    We acting like Twitter holds all power

    Cause ain't nobody stepping up to the plate

    Will we ever be safe again Or were we ever safe at all

    What does freedom cost you when your free to preach hate

    Now we guns on safety behind the pulpit

    Just to have faith you keep your bible in gun case

    Is that what we are suppose to teach our kid

    Are we loving in the Wild West where if you draw your gun first

    You can love to see tomorrow

    It's just bad luck for the guy that I'm in fear for my life

    That's all it takes now a days to get a pass first degree

    Road rage turns gun range And now you made Front page

    Kids turning into collateral damage but laws never change