• blmatthews 10w


    Wanna play with my demons
    They wanna play with you
    Welcome to my mad house
    You’ll have a front row view

    My veins are curled around their fingers
    As they beckon you to come
    I can no longer feel their presence
    My senses have gone numb

    “Come play a little game”
    They will call to you from inside
    Then they will giggle in hysterics
    And run away to hide

    Be careful which one you find
    Not all are friendly and good
    Some have naughty tempers
    And not listen like they should

    They will have you questioning
    All you’ve ever done
    With rhymes and riddles
    That their tongues have swiftly spun

    You’ll watch in disbelief
    As they run around and play
    Please know I fought my hardest
    As they rip my sanity away