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    Unexpected Hero

    Chapter 21 - Cross4 Vs Kong

    Kong ran towards Cross4 , cross 4 jumped in different directions as Kong approahed , Knightwalker teleported behind and tried to kick Kong's face from the side , Kong stopped the kick by holding Knightwalker's leg and thew him on the ground holding his leg , Hina released a huge wind from the front which caused Kong to fall several feets back , kong got up a second later and was trapped by Marco , Knightwalker teleported Cana in front of Kong , Cana's fists were surrounded by a ball of water and she repeatedly punched kong . Hina joined Cana as they both repeatedly punched kong . Kong screamed and used his incredible strength to its full extent to break free from Marco's ability and held the heads of cana and Hina and smashed them both in the ground . Meanwhile saber was overpowering black star as he slashed all the black flames black star released towards saber . Zancrow jumped on saber from behind and released lighting on saber , saber quickly dodged it . Black star released hundreds of black balls towards saber , saber struggled to defend himself against the exploding black balls as zancrow struck saber with his lighting.

    To be continued......