• danielcollinsm 10w

    Forever loving

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    Forever loving

    For the antecedent turn as I lowered the fetter curtains from the chambers of my crimson soul,
    To love, utterly love. 
    You my love, 
    Darling you, 
    I have broomed away on my dreams, my perception was obscured and yes, I misplaced sanity too.
    Will I ever bid you farewell?

    As I let loose of the conduit, the cord and the constraint that always guarded sanity,
    My wit spewed and dribbled, 
    Never to compile, 
    Ever to be squandered!
    Thus I thought, will I ever bid you farewell?

    For all the time I was tempted to write, 
    My pen was held in contempt, 
    My pain was held in fraudulence. 
    It was the cry of self-victimization, you said.
    My only one true love may never say farewell,
    My lover is gone, forever weary of me.
    Will I ever bid you farewell?

    We're both broken my love, 
    By natures chaotic randomness our tastes are inhumane
    We only have each other in the universe of precedents, 
    We only have ourselves to denounce,
    For never going barbarian, insane or roaring. 

    I see the end to this love,
    When the sun soars from the south and the wind gusts from above and below. 
    Even in the void, our love endures.