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    Christina name means flower of Christ or belonging to Christ. Her lucky number is 17 & 8.

    Christina, the anointed one, she is selfless, creative and inventive powerful. She has a bright future a courageous girl and an inspiration among her friends. She believes in hard work and self care. She is happy when she is with her loved one, music and close to nature.

    C :- Is for Classy, your creative style.
    H :- Is for Honesty, the precious inner quality.
    R :- Is for Reasonable, your understanding side.
    I :- Is for Interest, you show in every individual.
    S :- Is for Sparkling, your inner personality.
    T :- Is for Tantrums, you through.
    I :- Is for Idealism, give strength to others.
    N :- Is for Natural, the genuine side of you.
    A :- Is for Awesome, you truly are.

    Christina you are god's child and gifted with everything. Try and stay calm and composed with your dear ones.