• jerryjunga 30w

    Who are you?

    What you write, it's more of your footsteps, your mannerisms. It's a reflection of the soul you own. Write impeccably and I'll discover your perfection, your might, your competence. Write about love and I'll tell you, I'll tell you that you are likeworthy.

    What you say, it's more of your intentions, opinions, ideas, sentiments and wishes.
    It admits your concealed thoughts. Say something today and we will know what to get ready for tomorrow. We will know whether you're chummy or hostile. We will have a reasoned conclusion of yourself from what you say to us.

    How you relate with people, or do you display total psychopathy. It's very primary here because it is our manners that keep our friends in the vicinity or send them tormentingly to oblivion. We relate by sharing our puzzles, successes, hardlines and ideas. We can also ruin relationships by being conservatives, egocentric, sadistic, sarcastic or disdainful.

    What things you like or love. We'll infer what kind of person you are from what we see you liking. If you like violence, we get you to your niche by abandoning you and letting you join those of the same. Do you like frith or do you like mirth so that we can conclude you are loveworthy or even peaceful. Many people tend to thrive in tranquility and if you can offer that, then unskeptically, you have a planet full of associates.

    How responsible are you? It's manifested from how you talk, keep or handle things. How do you exhibit responsiveness? We cannot say you are responsible if you are a little responsible. Just mean to be absolutely responsible.

    How faithful are you? Do you have trust that you will accomplish things you do? It's all about your attitude. If you can't trust yourself then you are an absolute failure before attempt. No one has ever achieved goals without faith and no one will for faith is the mother of all goals.