• loveles 10w

    'Looking at the moon from afar and it is lonely'.

    'Do you feel lonely?' – me asking.

    You are typing a message. My dog starts to bark from the other room, seems someone's entering.

    - Who's there?!

    'It's me'

    My heart starts to bump.

    'Are you on the roof of your hotel?' – I sent.

    My dog Elliot cease to make sounds.



    'I get to a place I crave and then my spirit just slides where yours is'.

    It gives me bumps. My fingers tremble as I am trying to get myself together to write a message but I don't know what to say.

    'Guess, I've been missing you all my life, not realizing it'.

    'Elliot started to bark. It's not like him'.

    'Are you beside him?'

    'No, I'm in the bathroom'.

    'So that's why. Suddenly felt like he misses you'.

    'Yeah... Today I wasn't paying attention to him. Unfair'.


    And then another message:

    'I need going to sleep. It's really late. Have a good night too'.


    Yep... you too. I miss you.