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    "I guess you would be happy to hear that I have moved on. I have started to realise that how much you liked me. I have left her for she took my love for granted." After hearing this I was happy as well the image I had for Juhi became true. As she had such good friends in her life but she never realised. I could see the love he had for me in his eyes. I could imagine our lives in future. From classmates to colleagues and now to soulmates. We shared our feelings and emotions and now our love soon started to grow.....

    Hey! Not read the first and second part yet... Just go and read it first...... This my second series. Do tell me how it is..... Wait for the next part because that part would change the whole theme of the story. Read this series under #find_your_own_happiness

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    Finding my happiness (Part 3)

    "Love is a feeling which is evident in your eyes"