• _athreyi12 10w


    Constantly changing her body and mind ever since,
    Her tiny one was at the tiniest bit
    She prepared the world for it.
    A sigh of relief
    Superseding the excitement
    Of holding a new life within her arms,
    Was born a mother.
    The pain of months vanished
    When she noticed
    A twinkle in the little ones eyes.
    It cried,
    She smiled.
    The look of the little one solicited faith, hope and love
    She promised,
    Ready to pay whatever the price
    Until it could suffice.
    It cost her career and dreams,
    For she wanted to teach her tot how to dream.
    She equipped herself,
    No thermometer or alarm clock could outstand her.
    She became a doctor,
    Not a cry, not even a grunt, a grimace would tell her.
    She became a teacher,
    Even before it went to school.
    She became a lot more than herself.
    The toddler's first steps,
    Her little fingers were definitely the walkers.
    Days and months passed,
    Years passed too.
    One was constant,
    Her promise.
    She was always there for the child,
    Even if not the other way.
    She painted colours
    To her kid's dreams
    And strapped wings
    For it to fling
    Even when she knew her lamb's rainbow was too far from her reach.
    She saw the clock then, it hadn't moved much
    But, the calendar had.
    She was too busy preparing her child for the world,
    That she didn't realize,
    Her wings had become fragile,
    And her colours dried,
    But she didn't regret, for she kept her promise all the while.
    And, when the guardian angel came by,
    She whispered 'Keep my baby safe'
    Finally, when it was her time
    'Still her little one' comes,
    'Promise me Mom, that you'll always be there for me'