• goldenrose 6w


    Sometimes things can get complicated. Life is like that. Painful and full of lessons of course. Some say it’s worth it and I know it is, it makes a person strong, but still do we need all this betrayal to become stronger? No, it does teach us a lesson on who to trust or not. People are just like that from killing, raping to even destroying the planet. When looking at things I feel like they decay, vanish from the face of the earth. Thanks to humans. We are supposed to be creatures who protect the planet and each other, but sadly that is not the case. Most of the people only look out for themselves, and only themselves. They try to drag you down tell you what to do and most importantly use you until they can and then drop you. Is that fair? Of course not, how could it be. Sometimes I think is it me that is wrong, is that why people leave me. But no not anymore. I look into the mirror and I don’t even recognize myself when I am trying my best to impress someone or not to be an outcast, by pretending to be someone else. But not anymore, not now not ever. I am really lucky to have the few people in my life that I care about and they care about me , not fakes ones that only use people. I just hope someday humans understand that we need each other and stop hating and discriminating each other. Also it’s not worth it to be fake. I would rather be an outcast then hang out with people who only use me and talk bad about me or just want to push me down. Learn to be better then them to succeed and just be happy with the few individuals who you have in life and are important to you.