• grimex 31w

    When you cry

    As the air cries out in pain, the days will always seem the same.
    I miss those days when was my friends and you, you always try to help me and even try to make me smile when I was blue.
    I hated the fact that I had to hurt you, you can't expect me to understand what to do.
    I was scared of the fact that you didn't walk with me anymore, being with you was worth dying for.
    Seeing your smile and seen you work hard, those feelings that you shown me would always go very far.
    I thought that those feelings would always stay the same, I always thought your connection between us would someday start a flame.
    Until that guy in the car told you things that you wouldn't understand, he started whispering things to you as you started making plans.
    You didn't understand that I cared for you a lot, I didn't want you to be like the others who I have definitely fought.
    I didn't want you to leave my side, you started to stay away from me and started to become find.
    I'm so sorry that I tried to hurt you is that is the truth which didn't get me so far, I am to blame for you being hurt which made me having to hunt you down very hard.
    When you started to swing that bat I knew that your death was not too far away, I still wish that the fun that we shared would return like those Glorious Days and never looked a Stray.
    My finger still hurt and my heart does too, I'll listen to anything that you have to tell me as I just don't want to lose you....
    Please smile for me.... I promise no more lies, listen to the wind... You can almost hear the cries.