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    Dreams while asleep: A short memoire of my dreams

    I often dream of things to do with water - the sea, mostly. So many weird dreams related to that. I don't know if it's a coincidence or something related to the past life, but I was so scared of the sea when I was small, upto the age of maybe 11-14 and after that, the sea has had some kind of a very strong magnetic attraction towards me. Especially the larger and stronger the waves, the more I feel like delving deep into the sea and finding out why it's calling me. But no, don't mistake me. I am not depressed or suicidal. It's just sitting by the sea, when calm or happy, that it calls to me the most. And when I saw a post by @odysseus related to dreams, this memory clicked into me.

    I have more often than not, dreamt of water disasters - tsunamis and floods coming up from the sea. And the rest is a fight for survival. A bit maybe like how PUBG goes on - but my survival isn't about killing people in a terribly stupid game (I just hate games where you've to kill people in order to survive - it's anti-social and when considering the fact that humans are already more anti-social than animals.....) - my survival story is all about trying to save every person out there, including myself. Even in the dreams, I can feel my voice go dry with fear (or maybe I even wonder if it's a part of my mother's dream that one). I don't remember all details of my dreams so clearly, yet I do remember the most important parts, like how we race to the top of our building seeing the water level rising during a heavy flood and how our ship splits into many tiny ships to deal with the force of a tsunami at sea.

    I've had the most exotic fantasy dreams while studying in college in Muscat and these weren't related to water purely.

    1. I've dreamt of a test tube baby being made from the first cell till she/he is 3 years old, all in just a beaker filled with a liquid looking like sprite in a very short period of time (my classmate Piyush was my co-worker in that "dream" project and the truth is, I've never worked with him in any major project during college times).

    2. In another dream, a spaceship's rocket fell straight out into the bed lying on my terrace and just in time I had moved out to do something or else, it would have been inside my little tummy (we had lived in a tiny flat which was built upon a terrace - that house had more space outside than inside - on good nights, we lay outside on a rain-drenched rusty bed, looking at the night sky, counting the stars, singing or else just dancing with our hands).

    3. In a third dream, I dreamt of falling from a fridge's secret door into a floating building, in which people had no such thing as permanent death. I met Gandhi, Hitler and PK (from the Hindi movie) out there. Lots of other people too. PK was the one who explained the rules of that 8 floored building to me (each floor revolving as well as fully floating) - it was more like a full-on cloth store. How long you lived was dependent on how well you took care of your clothes (you'd die if even a tiny bit of your dress tore, which kept happening so often there) - all your characteristics were dependent on the clothes you wore too. So, you could either select your future dress or get randomly reborn into another one and if you really didn't want to be reborn anytime soon, you had to write and sign an NRC (no rebirth certificate) which was a really hectic process. The most important thing I remember was deciding to cloth Hitler in Gandhi's costumes, so that his character would be a peace loving and calm one. Just try to imagine how he'd look and behave with a dhoti and mundu, peacefully writing letters.

    My soulmated friends, even now sometimes tease me with the "Test Tube Baby in Sprite", the "Rocket" and "Hitler in Gandhi's khadhi mundu". Well, since I enjoy laughing at myself, it's quite a nice feeling to have these stories recounted to you, even after you've forgotten them.


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