• verseless 10w


    I  see a flock of geese flying high up in the sky as the sun is going down.
    You can hear them honking back and forth as the flock is southward bound.

    A flock of geese in flight stirs something deep inside.  I have no idea why .
    I find it hard to put into words allthough I've often tried.

    It is a feeling, a deep emotion, thet the only time I'm aware of it  is when the geese are  flying  by.
    It is  a feeling of sadness and of longing for a time now long gone by.  much like when out of nowhere  you feel that you might cry.

    Some might try to to avoid that feeling.  but I always find a certain pleasure when that feeling arrives.
    I don't know the reason why.  I only know that when that feeling floods my soul I feel more alive.

    Some evenings I like to go down  to this special place i found.
    And wish the geese godspeed as they wing their way south bound.