• divyansh_rehal 45w

    From dusk till dawn , i have thousand other excuses for making myself happy ; But i hardly notice a reason which could make my whole life happy other than Her presence in my life . Her smile , her eyes , the way she stares at me when i am sad, the way she talks ,she handles my emptyness , by all her ways i just mesmerizing everytime. When she's around me , it feels like my world is there , resting in her sacred Heart Huging with her's , and the way she told with her innocent face to stop to hold eye-contact is really undefined but its my best momentas she knew probably. Beauty of her soul is like rainbows in summers , rain in winters and moon in misty nights . She is my Life and she knew i cann't live without her . My heart is beating for her , each and every second . My words are nothing in front of her craziness . She is my small sweet puppy , and we donn't need any other pet in future ;-) .
    The another good thing between us that we both know how to manage each others problems. And i wish she is always be my first and last 'Chapter' of my "love story" book...
    . C*H.R.*#U#*