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    Title ➡️ 【warrior within】

    It's been a long time since we talked right,
    I know you're so strong to tackle any fight,
    But there comes a time when
    I feel you're losing your strength
    You aren't able to stand back again,

    But then inner voice of me whispers- "Baby you're a Warrior!!!"
    You're enough for yourself,
    You've to stand up again,
    Give a whirl to renovate the 'Self'
    You need to beat this pain
    You can't just give up too soon and end up in vain.

    Bcoz no matter how worst are the injuries,
    A warrior is meant to fight,
    You may not be a fictitious hero but you are indeed 'A Knight'...
    You understand the theory of life,
    Your energy lies in the quality of thoughts,
    You know how to train your dragon,
    You know how to win the innermost combat,
    You're not fragile,

    You're a warrior!!!
    Go and conquer your fears...
    Oh my dear self,
    You're an example to yourself,
    You're a warrior!!!

    -Roli Rastogi


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