• mamikie 5w

    Pain 3

    Silence is the default for my thoughts
    Hoped to escape it
    But fantasy won't quite
    Prayed for a nightmare
    Without knowing
    Now I'm breaking
    With no way to escape

    Life is a mystery
    But a little more won't hurt
    My whole life is misery
    But I'm not complaining

    I always keep my mouth closed
    With all the opinions stuck in my head
    And my brain ready for argument
    I can't help but drown in regret
    I wish I was a free spirit
    Ready to disrespect to prove my point
    But this is me
    I can't stand up for myself
    Even though my voice is strong

    At night when I'm looking for a shoulder to cry on
    I can't help it
    but turn my pillow into a river