• sunken_vein 47w


    * normal conversation *
    You know the feeling when you have too much to talk about, too much to describe, to much to convey but you cannot utter a single word apart from How are you? And How's your life? This problem is not because you are scared of that person nor because you don't know how to put it in words. The sole reason behind this is you love him/her so much that the fact of actully talking to them makes you conscious and gives you a sense of happiness that you wanna savour each and every moment of your chat you are having. So what you end up with is a lot of emojis like hearts and kisses. But not the actual message you wanna convey. And at the end you are left with a beautiful smile across your face with your cheeks gone reddish pink and that's when you say "This is all what I need to end my day perfectly!"

    P.s - Comes from a personal experience