• singam_swathika 5w


    He is Irony in every way possible that I could ever define.
    He is the elucidate of dark and dangerous, yet Caring and possessive.
    He is the dominant ,yet the submissive to my love.
    He is the mysterious puzzle challenging for it be solved , yet an open book pleading to be read.
    He is fire that burns through me and ice that freezes me in place.
    He is the one I should run from as far as possible for all i know I would never get back to where it all started,to the me I'm leaving behind, yet he is the one I run to.
    Every time he exerts his control over me as if I'm his to be owned.
    I should hate it but instead it has me intrigued and intimidating me and I Fall in Love with it, with him.
    Irony, isn't it?