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    Heaven only knows why we lied
    For the stars they became messed,
    Mess like the Darkness.
    For it was 3 years now, and
    we were far like lies.
    I told,
    Love me how you lied,
    But you got on the other side,
    Played with my attention,
    Now, the words will turn Dark
    for if you have a heart, that is dull;
    Don't Read Further this ,for you cannot take it.

    Blood is squeezed out of my heart,
    Imagination from my head, for
    the skull has turned apart,
    and the Eyes are devils play.
    I don't know what’s your plan.
    I don't know what’s you think.
    The only Love, and the only
    Reason was you and will be you.
    Even if you spit on me, kick me,
    or block me ,from me or take me
    apart from heaven to hell side ;
    I will still flirt with your eyes ,cause
    you are the Only Reason ,
    Why i breathe...??
    But why did You took my
    Breathe Away.
    Closure to Heaven,
    Where lies home ,there you
    squashed , now all away.
    There you destroyed, all now,
    Never you told ,
    What I told you ?
    That you messed with me,
    And just ignored me, like the stars.
    Heaven only knows why we lied.
    Heaven only knows why we lied.

    Where we were, and where we are now,
    What we were and what we are now.
    For the far cast thought of blind love,
    That takes away my heart to hell.
    Now I say, you go to hell.
    Why we met each other,..
    can you tell me please??
    Why we lied do we know again ??
    Heaven only knows why we lied.

    -------------- Harsh mishra

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    Heaven only knows why we lied